Breakfast from:
6h30 AM - 10h00 AM

Lunch & Dinner:
From 14h30 until 22h00
Last order: 21h30

Capacity: 60

Venue: 8th Floor

+84 2438238855

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Located in the bustling heart of the Old Quarter, Viet Restaurant on the 8th floor of JM Marvel Hotel stands out like a culinary gem, offering an intriguing fusion of traditional Vietnamese flavors. Upon entering, the tantalizing scents of aromatic dishes and spices beckon you into a realm of culinary delights.
At Viet Restaurant, authenticity intertwines with creativity in every dish, with each recipe meticulously crafted and passionately prepared to honor Vietnam's diverse culinary heritage while satisfying a range of tastes.
The warm ambiance of the restaurant invites guests to relax and indulge in the dining experience. Viet Restaurant boasts a refreshing space on the high floor of the building, where diners can admire the panoramic view of Hanoi's Old Quarter through large windows.
In a bid to exceed the expectations of travelers and offer a distinct departure from street-level eateries, the 9th floor houses a sky full of Hanoi, where guests can relish their meals while marveling at the sunset, star-studded sky, and the melodious tunes of Cloud Sky Bar.
Embark on a culinary journey and relish the harmonious marriage of flavors and gracious hospitality at Viet Restaurant. Your taste buds will thank you, and your heart will feel right at home.

Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi

A mesmerizing rooftop destination for sky lovers, stargazers, and those who like to dream. Cloud Sky Bar, where the sky is so close that makes your soul and spirit soar.

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