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Venue: 1st Floor

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Immerse yourself into calming atmospheres of our massage and hair nourishing therapy, get your feeling relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy moments of tranquillity, unwind and temporarily get away from the daily occupancies.

Our massage treatments are custominzed to bring you the therapeutic benefits that meet your wellness. Indulging yourself in a unique massage helps boost up blood caculation, stablize blood pressure, blance emotions, improve concentration, at the same time reducing the risk of stroke, heart failure, headache, memory impairment.

The techniques of compression and acupressure affecting all acupoints, meridians, and nervous systems guaranteed to balance, nourish and harmonize your body.
Through acupuncture points and hair roots, you can transmit to your body a biological energy and nourishment. Not only your hair is taken care in the best way, your body will also feel unwinded and a significant bio-energy, which fight the aging process.

Considered as a tranquil oasis where you can discover your inner world of peace and healing, JM Spa is a place of serenity where you can entrust your body and soul with our therapies. Let senses are awakened through therapeutic spa treatments and get to the first step on this journey to health by learning how to relax...
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